Swim Life- Pool Safety for your children!

I am a Mother of two children, now ages 16 and 13. My daughter Sydney went through this course at age 3 and my son Luke at 18 months. I am convinced that this course works and has a 100% success rate! Both my kids have inadvertently slipped into the pool and had they been unattended or not seen by someone, could have drowned. Both used their Swim Life skills and turned over to get air. Absolutely AMAZING! What an amazing program Swim Life is! There is no amount of money or safety you can do to prevent a child from drowning. This course is a must do if you are a parent of any child that cannot swim or you own a pool. In the blink of an eye you turn away and your children can become victims of a horrible accident. This program is designed to teach your children how to survive if they fall in the pool or just get tired or cramped from swimming. If there anything you do to protect your child from drowning, this course is it. It is the single-most important decision you will ever make in protecting your children from an unnecessary and totally preventable tragedy.
Infant Swimming Resource Applauds the Pool Safely Campaign for its 2011 Public Safety Messages
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